i just wanna text you
i know you can't read my mind
i know that i can't read yours
but i could guess what id find
i hope your show goes well
the way you feel on the stage
the way you look in my eyes
it makes me want to be brave
and i still wish to kiss you
i know i could anytime
accept the sad on your face
when your lip touches mine
i wanna get wasted
to be held while i cry
my small shaking body
id be poisoned but fine
i know ill forget one day
whether on purpose or not
perhaps i will love again
perhaps i will rot
i feel misled by you
i thought the pain would be quick
like a bumblebee sting
or a sharp little stick
but it's quite like a splinter
a thorn in my side
the nail in my foot
the love of my life




all rights reserved


sannah handoz Lafayette, Louisiana

this is my art! no apologies!! no excuses!!!

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